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Now you can make your own vinkvisuals Christmas Card! Just print the PDF from the Dropbox link into a nice A4 paper sheet, cut it in two and you're ready to go! Don't forget to check print pages on both sides if you want the New Year's greetings to show up properly. We've uploaded a high-res version of the image, just in case you'd like to use it for something else.

Butler Station on 7 news!

Coniglio Ainsworth Architects's Butler Station is currently being build! You can check a piece of the animation done by us in the following link:

Vinkvisuals’ got a Brand new website!

In collaboration with Lo Siento and Bajoelcocotero, vinvkisuals presents its brand new website! Content is what we produce and content is what’s more important in our face on internet. Feel free to explore and get delighted with our latest creations!

Twoislands wins Flint Public Art Project competition!

Twoislands, one of the key partners of vinvkisuals, wins Flint Public Art competition, which will be built and operative next 14th June! “The project takes the form of a single family house that is part of the vernacular of Flint’s neighborhoods, and transforms it into a beautiful symbol of a new city,” said Stephen Zacks, executive director of Flint Public Art Project. The project will open for the June 14 Art Walk and remain on the site until fall, providing a canopy and stage for all of Flint’s summer events at the Flat Lot. In addition, the structure can hold up to 1,500 gallons of water, which can be released as a cooling spray during hot summer days.

Vinvkisuals moving to Madrid!

After starting this adventure in the delightful island of Mallorca, vinkvisuals starts a new adventure in the capital of Spain. You’ll be able to find us in the very center of Madrid, very close to plaza Callao and the well-known Calle Preciados.

Mecanoo wins Knowledge and Cultural square winning proposal

delft-based mecanoo architects, oslo-based CODE arkitektur and buro happold have been selected to complete a 'knowledge + cultural square' in the center of kongsberg, located 75 meters southwest of oslo in norway. a 24,000 square meter cultural and teaching building with the ability to accommodate student housing, sports facilities and businesses. the 'silver factory' concept hopes to revitalize the historic west side to create a new urban heart. the form is generated with stacked rectilinear volumes which frame views of the surrounding landscape.
a large internal space is generated by a layering and overlapping of the various functions. their placement around a centralized public
forum generates a bustling and energetic interior


After many years of experience in well-known international companies, we’ve decided to found our own visualization company in Palma de Mallorca. We hope our experience and motivation will bring success to this new adventure!